Our Story

We are RYVE, an online lifestyle brand that provides thought provoking ideas and reminders of the beauty of life, in the form of high-quality products and gifts. We create for the visionaries, high achievers, leaders and world shapers. Our gifts come with the intension of becoming part of your day-to-day environment, displayed in your home or office and that the messages stay with you wherever you go. They are daily reminders to inspire taking on great challenges, spark empowering habits and to achieve a more fulfilling life starting now.

We are two ambitious people who founded RYVE during our own process of change. For as long as we could both remember, we were floating through life, stuck in a limbo of conscious unconsciousness. Even though we’ve worked hard and enjoyed our lives, we always felt like there should be more, like we could BE more.

And so, we took each other and our lives by the hand and led them towards our happiness. This change in mindset has put us on a path of growth leading to a more fulfilling life. In the years that followed, we have drastically reduced our working hours, increased our family time, started our own online business and now work remotely and free. To get here, we invested ourselves heavily into the learnings of how to take control of our future and no longer leave anything to chance. 

We are RYVE and we create motivating products, inspired by the lessons we have learnt in our lives, and the lessons our humanity has learned during our history. By doing so, RYVE’s dream is to help others lay the foundations of their personal journey towards a more meaningful and purposeful existence.